Moving Toward SONSHIP

Becoming Sons of the Father’s Design

by Dr. Robert Rodich

The journey begins with our divorce from the spirit of religion. Sonship has little to do with religion and is the polar anti-thesis of religion as we have known it.

The goal of fully activated sonship is to have our person (body, soul, and spirit) be in harmonious union with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the point that even the very cells of our body vibrate to the frequencies of His being. His song becomes our song. His glory flows into our inner being and lights us up with the most glorious splendor. And then we take that and release it into the world around us.

Dr. Rodich explores some keys he has learned along his journey to sonship and how that journey affects every facet of our lives. Dig deep into this faith-building book and workbook. Experience the change that sonship brings.