Quantum Lightwave Energy at Home


Introducing the First Certified physiotherapy device anyone can use at home!

Cell therapy using Terahertz Quantum Light Wave Energy with self-healing power! 

Terahertz are the frequency waves found between microwaves and infrared waves. They were only discovered in the 1980s and had been researched for many years for therapeutic value. It had been discovered that they had the capacity to stimulate cell regeneration and are used in some mega medical devices but never before have been captured for use by the average person in a handheld device that is affordable. This amazi

ng technology is available to anyone in the iTeracare Classic for $380 US. inquiries from other countries might face a change in price depending on their own countries, currency and import/ shipping costs. There are two higher level blowers for practitioners, the strongest of which is the Pro. 

1 hour of therapy can be equivalent to 40 massages in terms of results.

Using patented technology developed in one of China’s premier research facilities, the Iteracare wand releases terahertz frequencies as well as scalar waves that stimulate cells and the body’s own programmed ability to heal itself. It is completely safe even for use on infants and pets (produces NO  radiation). 

*Terahertz Technology:

Resonates with our cells thus activating healthy and dormant cells.

Eliminates bad, mutated and free radical cells in the process.


*Quantum Technology:

Generates scalar energy that energizes our cells, balances bodily systems, strengthens the body, produces healing energy and penetrates deeper into vital organs.


*Optical Quartz Technology:

It amplifies the energy generated from the device, creating a more powerful result. Mimics 1/40th of the suns UV energy. It strengthens the auric fields within the body.


Some documented benefits include:

  1. Eliminates unhealthy cells.  Terahertz frequency resonates and activates healthy cells

* Unhealthy, abnormal and bad cells will be eliminated and absorbed

* Activates Inert Cells

  1. Increases Self Healing ability in the body:

Terahertz frequency induces and strengthens DNA, resonates at a frequency with our cells,  and thus enhances self repair.

  1. Clears meridian and lymph points.
  2. Activates Dormant stem cells in the bone marrow:

Terahertz frequency together with quantum energy can penetrate deeper into the bone marrow, activate dormant stem cells, thus encouraging cell regeneration where needed. 

  1. Improve Microcirculation:

Terahertz frequency dilates blood vessels, reduce blood flow resistance and viscosity. 

  1. Various Types of Inflammation:

 Inflammation, pain, Rhinitis, Pharyngitis, gastritis,  prostatitis, etc.  can be significantly reduced with consistent use of the Itericare blower device.

  1. Helps mitigate and remove pain and discomfort in the body:

 Remarkably effective in relieving shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, lower back pain, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica and other types of discomfort.

  1. Removes various blockages in the body: Meridian blockages, lymphatic blockage,  weight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure.

    Results may vary depending on consistency of use, but reports from around the world and in our own experience have been remarkable!

The Iteracare wand/blower can also be used to charge water, as it holds the terahertz energy in the water medium after blowing it into the water for just minutes. The water will hold the charge for at least 12 hours and sometimes more. This charged water is more easily received into the cells of your body then uncharged water, bringing with it, terahertz energy into the cells. 

Please be sure you are dealing with a certified Iteracare distributor. There are cheap Chinese copies circulating that virtually are nothing more than a hair dryer, that do not release terahertz waves because they do not have access to PRIFE International’s proprietary technology. Do not be fooled by the counterfeits! 

Laura Rodich

Laura Rodich has over forty years of ministry experience as a pastor’s wife and featured speaker for women’s retreats. Her focus is to bring the latest technology to the body of Christ to enhance a person”s health and wellbeing. She is well versed in the applications of Terahertz technology and is a special resource for the technology.  

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