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About Our Technique

Voice Analysis

Voice print technology is a valuable tool for assessing the human experience on multiple levels. The reason it is so valuable is that it bypasses the possibility of subjective tampering by the client.

A skilled technician is able to use the energetic information transmitted by the human voice to test for things like trauma, truthfulness, the physical condition, and spiritual balance to name a few.

Dr. Rodich uses this modality to develop a person specific wellness program for you and provide you with valuable insights into your emotional and spiritual balance and in some cases insights you will not find elsewhere.

The human voice broadcasts frequencies that represent cellular and tissue data which is far more valuable than medical blood tests.

There are few things in life that are more important than our health. The internet has opened the door for the average person to access incredible bodies of information not possible in previous generations. This includes information about health and wellness. 

The challenge for most people is to find something that really works when they face a health crisis. Sadly by the time a crisis exists that person may already be in over their head. So they go to a medical doctor for advice. Assuming they find a really good doctor, that doctor will attempt to alleviate their symptoms with drugs. It would be refreshing if that doctor was really interested in finding the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately the paradigm that allopathic medicine operates under rarely requires the doctor to discover the root of the problem.

So where do people turn if they are interested in a more wholistic approach to their problem? Well, many people would search the internet for answers. As they do they are likely to find folks pushing the latest miracle product or the claim of a revolutionary approach. What most of these lack is a person-specific testing modality that delivers a pinpoint assessment of what is really going on in the background. Should that be the case valuable time could be lost to turn a potential crisis around.

Enter Contact Reflex Analysis or CRA for short. CRA was developed by Dr. D.A. Versendaal in the mid 1950’s. CRA evaluates the human meridian system seeking to find electronic hot spots that indicate energy anomalies. A skilled CRA specialist knows exactly what these hot spots mean and is able to advise their client exactly which supplement would be the most effective in their case.

Dr. Robert Rodich has been using CRA for 30 years to address person-specific needs and wellness challenges. Over 20 years ago he discovered that the human voice broadcasts all the information necessary to do CRA testing. This means that neither distance nor accuracy is a problem. As a result he currently has clients from Europe, Israel, South Africa and Australia.

For those searching for answers it must be stated that using vitamins and herbs take time to produce results. The reason is that a crisis is usually preceded by decades of deterioration before a symptom may manifest. Doctor Rodich focuses on several known root problems with the goal being to address any crisis at its root.  

As a Christian based ministry, his ministry is uniquely geared toward the whole person (body-soul-spirit). Using the same voice based technology Dr. Rodich is able to provide testing metrics to his clients that equip them in their walk on all levels’

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Meet Doc Rodich

Dr. Robert Rodich Ph.D. has over thirty years of experience doing precise wellness evaluations for his clients. It is clear that today’s food sources no longer contain optimal levels of vital nutrients therefore having a plan in place that is precise to your exact nutritional need is vital in these challenging times.

What makes Dr. Rodich unique is that the testing method he uses works off of the frequencies projected by your voice. This methodology has proven to be just as accurate as if you were standing in front of him in his office. The obvious take away is that you need not travel all the way to South Alabama to benefit from his testing unless you just want to enjoy the wonderful white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange beach.

Along with his valuable nutritional evaluation, Dr. Rodich also has two other tests that are very valuable resources for those who are intent on engaging heaven in a far deeper way. Following are the explanations for each test.

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