Dr. Robert Rodich


Expand your possibilities with individualized insights
for body, soul and spirit.


SPIRITUAL Evaluation

This is a metric that gives those who engage heaven on a regular basis a way to measure their progress.

HOLO-PSYCHE Evaluation

This evaluation detects any energy pockets that are trapped in the human soul which could potentially broadcast chaotic information into organs and systems of the human body. 


We evaluate your personal song and track down spiritual detractors so you can be the vibrant SON you were created to be.

Wellness & Nutritional Evaluation

Dr. Rodich offers a very detailed nutritional evaluation that is person specific. 

His testing will reveal the exact vitamins and minerals that you need to add to your diet to nurture your body and achieve an improved nutritional balance. 

 The goal is that with a specialized program your body will operate at a much higher level. 

 As a person feels better, it follows that a person will be encouraged to seek out Kingdom purpose and design with greater focus.

PLUS: Includes a Food Sensitivity Panel Assessment.

SAVE $100!

total wellness Bundle

Get all 4 Evaluations: Spiritual, Holo-Psyche, Negatice Spiriual Attachments, and Wellness & Nutrition


1) The Food Sensitivity Panel
2) Sonship book in PDF
3) Sonship workbook in PDF


Once you purchase your session, you will be taken to a form to fill out and  send a SHORT voice message.  Just tell me your name and your health goals. I will then do the tests and email them to you with a link to book a phone consultation that can last 60-90 minutes depending on the package.


I have been a client of Dr Rodich for about a year. In that time I have enjoyed remarkable increase in health benefits from the recommended supplements. Dr Rodich has a unique God given gift of listening to a voice recording and recommending supplements.  Healings have manifested and my spiritual well-being is greatly increased . I have recommended and gifted his services to many friends and family. His knowledge and expertise are truly a gift from heaven to us all. What a blessing!! I highly recommend! 

CeCe B.

A little over a year ago I was tested by Dr. Rodich for food sensitivities, and he did a vitamin work up to see what vitamins I needed too be taking.  At the time I was experiencing arthritis pain in one of my fingers, indigestion after I ate, and I was feeling extremely tired by the afternoon. I followed Dr. Rodich’s advice and within two weeks all of my symptoms were gone. 

Lynn R.

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